MCA -Master of Computer Applications Second Semester Discrete Maths and Graph Theory

University Syllabus and Classes of MCA Second Semester Discrete Maths and Graph Theory

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UNIT – 1 FUNDAMENTAL – Sets And Subsets, Operations On Sets Sequences, Division In The Integers, Matrices, Mathematical Strutures.

Logic – Proposition And Logical Operations, Conditional Statements, Methods Of Proof, Mathematical Induction.

UNIT – 2 Mathematical Logic – Statements And Notation, Connectives, Normal Forms, The Theory Of Inference For The Statement Calculus, The Predicate Calculus, Inference Theory Of The Predicate Calculus.

UNIT – 3 : Counting – Permutations, Combinations, The Pigeonhole Principle, Recurrence Relations.

Relations And Digraphs – Product Sets And Partitions, Relations And Digraphs, Relations And Digraphs, Paths In Relations And Digraphs, Properties Of Relations, Equivalence Relations, Computer Representation Of Relations And Digraphs, Manipulation Or Relations, Transitive Closure And Warshalli’s Algorithm.

Function –Definition And Introduction, Function For Computer Science, Permutation Functions, Growth Of Functions. Growth Of Functions.

UNIT – 4 Graph Theory – Basic Concept Of Graph Theory, Euler Paths And Circuits, Hamiltonain Paths And Circuits.

Other Relations And Structure – Partially Ordered Sets, Lattices, Finite Boolean Algebras’, Functions Of Boolean Algebras, Boolean Functions And Boolean Polynomials.

Trees – Introduction, Undirected Trees, Minimal Spanning Trees.

UNIT – 5: Semigroups And Groups- Binary Operations Revisited, Semigroups, Products And Quotients Of Semigrops, Groups, Products And Quotients Of Gropus.

Introduction To Computability Theory – Languages, Finite-State Machines, Semigroups, Machines And Languages.



MCA First Year Semester 2 Syllabus Nagpur University


1. Data Structures

2. Database Management Systems

3. Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory

4. Java Programming

5. Statistics and Numerical Mathematics



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