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Chapter 1: Introduction to ETABS
a. Overview of ETABS
b. Getting Help
c. Templates and Defaults
d. Graphical User Interface
e. ETABS Screen Menus
f. Units System
g. Coordinate Systemes
Chapter 2: Modelling In ETABS
a. Starting a New Model
b. New Model Quick Templates
c. Grid System Data
d. Add Structural Objects
e. Edit Stories and Grid Systems
f. Add Grid at Selected Joints
g. Grid Options
h. Save the Model
Chapter 3: Editing Properties
a. Replicate
b. Extrude
• Extrude Joints to Frames
• Extrude Frame to Shells
c. Merge Joints
d. Align Joints/Frames/Edges
e. Move Joints/Frames/Shells
f. Edit Frames
g. Edit Shells
Chapter 4: Defining Properties
a. Material Properties
b. Section Properties
c. Load Patterns
d. Shell Uniform Load Sets
e. Load Cases
f. Load Combinations
Chapter 5: Structural Objects in etabs
a. Draw Grids
b. Draw Dimension Lines
c. Draw Joint Objects in etabs
d. Draw Beam/Column/Brace Objects
e. Draw Floor/Wall Objects
f. Draw Reference Points
g. Draw Reference Planes
h. Draw Wall Stacks
Chapter 6: Selection Properties
a. Select
b. Deselect
c. Invert Selection
Chapter 7: Assign
a. Joint
b. Frame
c. Shell
d. Joint Loads
e. Frame Loads
f. Shell Loads
Chapter 8: Design in Etabs
a. Steel Frame Design in etabs
b. Concrete Frame Design in etabs
c. Composite Beam Design in etabs
d. Composite Column Design in etabs

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