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VB.Net is short form of Visual Basic.Net. VB.Net is the most popular programming language in the world. VB.Net has easy to use syntax and style. in VB.Net you can make any system.

  • Visual Basic.Net

  • Introduction Of VB.Net
  • Working With The Visual Basic Language:
  • Data Operators, Conditionals, And Loops
  • Procedures, Error Handling Classes, And Objects in VB .Net
  • Working With VB.Net Language
    • Data Types, Operators, variables, Arithmetic Operations,
    • Control Structures, Arrays, Procedures, Functions in VB .Net
    • Data Type Conversions, Recursion, String,
    • Characters And Regular Expressions
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Classes And .Object , Class Member Types, Scope Of Members,
    • constructor, Finalizer, Polymorphism, Use of Constructor
    • and Finalizer In derived Classes, Defining Properties and Events
    • Exception Handing in VB .Net
    • Introduction, .NET Exception Hierarchy,
    • Try, Catch, Finally Blocks.
    • User Defined Exception Classes,
    • Handling Over Flows, Debuging
    • Multi-Threading in VB.Net
    • Introduction, Life Cycle of A thread, Thread Properties
    • And Thread Scheduling, Synmronization
    • Creating Windows Application In Visual Basic .NET
    • Creating Windows Forms in VB.Net
    • Windows Forms: Working With List Boxes, Buttons,
    • Labels, Check Boxes, and Radio buttosn
    • Windows Forms Working with List Boxes, Combo Boxes in VB.Net
    • Picture Boxes, Scrollbars, Splitters, Tool Tips and Timers
  • Windows Forms Working With Menus,
  •  Built-In Dialogs and printing in VB .Net
  • Windows Forms: Working with Image Lists,
  •  Tree Views, Toolbars, Status Bars, and progress bars
  • Graphics, Multimedia and files 
  • Graphics Context, Graphics objects,
  •  Color, Font, Drawings, Advanced Graphics Capabilities,
  •  Multimedia, Animations, Images, Media Player
  • Files and Streams, Sequential Access Files
  •  Random Access files
  • DTDS, Schemas and Validation, Style Sheet Applying With VB.NET 
  • Data Base, SQL And ADO.NET
  • Introduction Relational Model SQL, ADO.NET Object Model Connecting,
  •  Accessing Records, Programming with ADO.NET Crystal Report.
  • project in VB .Net

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