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Microsoft Word is a word processing package and MS-Word is normally used for Typing Letters , Documents, Books or anything dealing with Text Typing and editing. MS-Word has long replaced the Typewriters which was used for typing any letter. MS-Word is most popular software for typing letters in offices.For MS-Word Classes and Training you can contact Atlanta Computer Institute Nagpur India.

- Creating the documents with Special effects like underline, bold, different size, different font, different color. Etc.
- Find and Replace operations like cut, paste, copy clipboard.
- Inserting Date & Time, Pictures, Bullets & Numbering ets.
- Creating Paragraphs, bullets, indentation etc. In MS-Word 
Formatting features of MS-Word.
- Printing the documents in MS-Word - it includes paper-size, margins, header and footer, page no.
- Creating a table in MS-Word. - Mailmerge, spellcheck, drawing table. - Template.

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