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3D Max Classes in Nagpur

3d Studio Max is a professional 3D Rendering software and modelling software used by professional of various background like interior designers, architects, civil engineers, animators animation etc. Atlanta Computer Institute conducts classes of 3d max . The teachers are experience in this field. For Batches and timings of classes of 3d max you can contact Atlanta Computer Institute Nagpur Centers

  • Core concepts of 3D max
  • Basic concepts of 3d max
  • Getting oriented in 3D space
  • Design theory for animation
  • Mixing color and light in 3d max
  • Composition and perspective
  • Animation and story boarding
  • Planning your projects in 3d max
  • Modeling with shapes in 3d Studio Max
  • Compound objects in 3d max
  • Mesh and Patch modeling
  • Lightening in 3d max
  • Setting up the environment in 3d max
  • Cameras and setting the shoot
  • Animation control tools in 3d max
  • Building and animation Herarchies
  • Using particle systems
  • Animating with space wraps in 3d max
  • Using controllers and expressions in 3d  max

Courses at Atlanta

New Batches start Every week On Mondays and Wednesdays.

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