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Data science is a multidisciplinary blend of data inference, algorithmm development, and technology in order to solve analytically complex problems.

At the core is data. Troves of raw information, streaming in and stored in enterprise data warehouses. Much to learn by mining it. Advanced capabilities we can build with it. Data science is ultimately about using this data in creative ways to generate business value:

Data science discovery of data insight
This aspect of data science is all about uncovering findings from data. Diving in at a granular level to mine and understand complex behaviors, trends, and inferences. It's about surfacing hidden insight that can help enable companies to make smarter business decisions. For example:

Netflix data mines movie viewing patterns to understand what drives user interest, and uses that to make decisions on which Netflix original series to produce.
Target identifies what are major customer segments within it's base and the unique shopping behaviors within those segments, which helps to guide messaging to different market audiences.
Proctor & Gamble utilizes time series models to more clearly understand future demand, which help plan for production levels more optimally.
How do data scientists mine out insights? It starts with data exploration. When given a challenging question, data scientists become detectives. They investigate leads and try to understand pattern or characteristics within the data. This requires a big dose of analytical creativity.

Then as needed, data scientists may apply quantitative technique in order to get a level deeper e.g. inferential models, segmentation analysis, time series forecasting, synthetic control experiments, etc. The intent is to scientifically piece together a forensic view of what the data is really saying.This data-driven insight is central to providing strategic guidance. In this sense, data scientists act as consultants, guiding business stakeholders on how to act on findings. Atlanta Computer Institute Conducts batches for Data Science , Advance Data Science , Machine Learning and R Programming..



    Module 1 : Introduction to Data Science                                                                    

            Introduction to Data science                                                         

            Feeler of Data                                                                                

            Big Data basics                                                                              

            Deep Dive into Data science

       Module 2 : Combination of Foundations

    (Algebra, Statistics & Probablity)                                      

            Introduction to Algebra & its connection with Data science                         

            Foundation Statistics                                                                              

            Probablity & distribution                                                                          

            Hypothesis Testing Basics  


    Module 3 : Advanced Statistics (8 Hrs)                                   

            ANOVA , Chi-sqaure test                                                                       

            Principal Component Analysis, Factor Analysis                                  

            Exploratory Data Analysis                                                                      

            Statistics Quality control

            Regression Analysis                                                                               

            Time Series Analysis.

  • I


  •         Module 4 : Tool know how - R & R Studio    


            Introduction to R Programming                                                                                 

            R Programming Concepts                                                                               

            Data Manupulation in R                                                                                   

            Stastics & Data Visualization in R                                                                             


    Module 5 : Data Mining & Machine learning Concepts                                                                                                                              

            Data Mining Concepts                                                                                      

            Introduction to Machine learning                                                                              

            Concepts of Machine learning Algorithms 1                                                                             

            Concepts of Machine learning Algorithms 2                                                  


            Module 6 : Predictive Analytics in R                                                                                         

            Concepts of Predictive analytics.                                                                             

            Connecting knowledge gained to Practical Models.                                                                                     

             Real time Model Building in R      


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