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Data Structure classes are conducted for persons of BE Poly and BSc background. Special Batches are organisated for students of above field. Following is the syllabus of Data Structures. Data Structure is a subject in Engineering , Polytechnic & BSc. The data structure course is conducted as per university syllabus and poly syllabus. Data Structures are actual implementation of particular abstract data types. A data Structure is a group of data elements grouped under one name.


Introduction & Meaning
Programming Style
Coding, Testing, Pointers & Pitfalls

  • STACKS in Data Structure

Definition And Examples
Representing Stacks
Infix, Postifix & Prefix

  • QUEUES AND LISTS in Data Structure

The Queues And Its Sequential Representation
Linked Lists
Simulation Using Linked List

  • TREES in Data Structure

Binary Trees
Binary Tree Representations
Representing List As Binary Trees
Trees And Their Applications

  • SORTING in data structure

General Background
Exchange Sorts
Selection And Tree Sorting
Insertion Sorts
Merge And Radix Sorts

  • SEARCHING in Data Structure

Basic Search Techniques
Tree Searching
General Search Trees

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