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Atlanta Computer Institute Nagpur conducts Tuition Classes for Matlab for Engineering and Polytechnic students. Matlab Training Classes are conducted so that students can make their own projects for all universities in India . Final Year Projects Training is also given to BE and Diploma Students.
Matlab ( matrix Laboratory) is a numerical computing environment and 4th generation programming language. You can use Matlab for various applications like signal processing, image and video processing, control system etc. Matlab is the language of technical computing.


1 First Steps in MATLAB

1.1 Starting MATLAB

1.2 First Steps

1.3 Matrices in Matlab

1.4 Variables in Matlab

1.5 The Colon Operator in Matlab

1.6 Linspace

1.7 Plotting Vectors

2 Typing into MATLAB

2.1 Command Line Editing

2.2 Smart Recall

2.3 Long Lines

2.4 Copying and Pasting in Matlab

3 Matrices in Matlab

3.1 Typing Matrices in Matlab

3.2 Concatenating Matrices

3.3 Useful Matrix Generators

3.4 Subscripting in Matlab

3.5 End as a subscript

3.6 Deleting Rows or Columns

3.7 Matrix Arithmetic

3.8 Transpose

4 Basic Graphics

4.1 Plotting Many Lines

4.2 Adding Plots

4.3 Plotting Matrices

4.4 Clearing the Figure Window

4.5 Subplots

4.6 Three-Dimensional Plots

4.7 Axes in Matlab

4.8 Labels


5.1 Scripts in Matlab

5.2 Functions in Matlab

5.3 Flow Control

5.4 Comparing Strings

Text Strings

6.1 String Matrices

6.2 Comparing Strings in Matlab

6.3 String Manipulations in Matlab

6.4 Converting Numbers to Strings

6.5 Using Strings as Commands

7 Cell Arrays in Matlab

8 Structures in Matlab

8.1 Example: Meteorological Database

8.2 Example: Capturing the List of Variables

9 Multidimensional Arrays

.1 Generating Multidimensional Grids

9.2 Operations with Multidimensional Arrays in Matlab

9.3 RGB Images in Matlab

9.4 Example: Sonar

9.5 Multidimensional Cell Arrays

9.6 Multidimensional Structures

10 Saving and Loading Data in Matlab

10.1 MATLAB Format

10.2 Other Formats

11 Handle Graphics

11.1 Get and Set and Matlab

11.2 Default Object Properties

11.3 Current Objects

12 Axes Effects

12.1 The Axis Command

2.2 Tick Marks and Labels

12.3 Subplots in Matlab

12.4 Double Axes

12.5 Axes Labels

13 Graphical User Interfaces

13.1 Callbacks

13.2 UIControls in Matlab

13.3 Exclusive Radio Buttons in Matlab

13.4 Variables in GUIs

13.5 The Tag Property

13.6 UIMenus

13.7 Fast Drawing in Matlab

13.8 Guide

13.9 Other Aids

14 MATLAB Programming

14.1 Vectorising Code

14.2 M-File Subfunctions

14.3 Debugging in Matlab

14.4 Profiler



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