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J2EE means Java 2 Enterprise Edition. J2EE is advance of Core Java. J2EE is in great demand today. Java programmers go for J2EE for making careers.


Create the JSP

Change Bonus.html

Start the platform and Tools

Update the WAR file

Verify and deploy the J2EE Application

  Run the J2EE application



Ø  About the Example

Ø  Declare the Tag Library

Ø  Create the Tag Library Descriptor

Ø  Create the Tag Handler class

Ø  Change Bonus.Jsp

Ø  Compile

Ø  Start the Platform and Tools

Ø  Update the WAR File

Ø  Verify and Deploy the J2EE Application

Ø  Run the J2EE Application

Ø  More Information Gladiator-Predator Testing



Ø  Advantages of Hibernate Compared to JDBC

Ø  Introduction  


Ø  Hibernate  Architecture

Ø  Hibernate Data types

Ø  Hibernate API

Ø  Installation and Directory Structure

Ø  CRUD Operations

Ø  Primary key generation


Ø  Criteria API

Ø  Caching

Ø  Hibernate Integration

Ø  Hibernate Annotations



Ø  Basics of Spring

Ø  What is Spring

Ø  Spring Projects

Ø  Spring Use Cases

Ø  Core container

Ø  Dependency injection

Ø  Application context

Ø  Spring Expression language


q  AOP

Ø  Pointcuts

Ø  Joint points

Ø  Method Interceptor

Ø  Aspects & Advises


q  Data Access / Integration

Ø  Jdbc template

Ø  Programmatic & declarative transaction management

Ø  Project Structuring


q  Object relational mapping

Ø  JPA Intigration

Ø  HibernateIntigration.


q  Web Intigration

Ø  Web mvc

Ø  Rest services

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