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Pro-e is one of the leading CAD/CAM/CAE packages. Pro-e being a solid modelling tool unites the 3D features with 2D tools. In Pro-e you can generate model dimensions and create reference dimensions in the drawing views. The bidirectionally associative nature of Pro-e ensures that the modifications made in the model are reflected in the drawing views and vice versa.

Latest version of Pro-e is CREO. Atlanta Computer Institute teaches CREO. Pro-e Creo serves the basic design tasks by providing different workbenches. A workbench is defined as a specified environment consisting of a set of tools, which allows the user to perform specific design tasks in a particular area.Atlanta Computer Institute conducts pro-e classes in nagpur as a regular course or fast track course. The Teachers teaching Pro-e and Creo are experienced . For Pro-e and Creo Classes in Nagpur contact Atlanta Computer Institute Nagpur centers

Level 1 Pro-e / Creo
  • Sketcher Mode of Pro-e
  • Basic Solid Modeling in Pro-e Creo
  • Advanced Solid Modeling in Pro-e Creo
  • Assembly Design in Pro-e
  • Drafting & Detailing in Pro-e Creo
  • Bill of Material in Pro-e Creo
Level 2 Pro-e / Creo
  • Surface Modeling in Proe Creo
  • Sheet & metal Design in Pro e Creo
  • Pro Weld in Proe
  • Model Check in Pro e Creo
  • File Conversion 

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