MCA -Master of Computer Applications Second Semester Data Structure

University Syllabus and Classes of MCA Second Semester Data Structure

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-  Information   And    Meaning, Binary  And 
Decimal Integer, Concept  Of Data
Types, Data Structure  Data
Representation / Implementation, Abstract 
Data Type, Sequence Of Value Definition, ADT  For Varying 
Length  Data  String.
Arrays , Records 
&  Pointers-About   Arrays, Records & Pointers; Their   Implementation   In Memory, Arrays           As An Adt, Using  One Dimensional Array&  Two Dimensional , About  Record 
&  Pointers.
Linked  List -  Concept 
Of  Singly  Linked 
List, Operations  On Linked  List, Inserting  And   Removing  
Nodes     Froma List, Array  Implementation   Of Lists, Limitation  Of The 
Array,Implementation  Over
Linked  List, Concept Of Doubly Linked  List, Generalized List.


UNIT-2             STACK  & QUEUES

Stacks-  Definition   And  Example, Primitive  Operations, Stack As An ADT, Implementation   Of  Stacks  As An Array And Linked  List, Operations On Stacks, Stack  Stored As A Linked  List, Arithmetic   Expression , Converting  An  Expression   From Infix To Postfix.

 Queues -  Definition   And  Examples  Of Queues, Queues   As An Abstract  Data Type, Queues  Stored   As A Linked  List , Circular  Queue, Implementation  Of  Queues  As An   Array  And Linked  List, Operations On Queues, Priority   Queue  &  Dequeue.



Recursive  Definition  And Process, Factorial   Function , Multiplication   Of  Natural   Numbers, Fabonacci  Sequence, Properties  Of  Recursive Definitions, Writing  Recursive  Programs( The  Tower  Of Hanoi  Problem, Converting  Prefix To Postfix  Using  Recursion),Simulating  Recursion( Return From A Function, Implementing Recursive Function, Simulation  Of Factorial)



 Trees- Definition Of  Trees, Basic Terminology  Of  Trees,Binary Tree, Binary  Tree  Representation  As An Array &  Linked  List, Application  Of Trees, Binary  Tree  Traversal , Threaded  Binary  Tree, Height  Balance Tree, B-Trees, General  Trees.

Graphs : Basic Terminology Of Graphs, Implementation    Of Graphs As An Arrays& Linked List, Operation On Graphs, Graphs  Traversals.


Sorting –Definition  Of Sorting , Classification  Of Sorting Techniques( Dictionary As An ADT, Sequencial Searching , Efficiency Of Sequential Searching ), Searching An  Ordered  Table, Binary Search.



MCA First Year Semester 2 Syllabus Nagpur University


1. Data Structures

2. Database Management Systems

3. Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory

4. Java Programming

5. Statistics and Numerical Mathematics



BCA Bachelor Of Computer Application, BCCA, Bachelor of Commerce & Computer Application BE IT/CS, Information technology/Computer Science MCA, Master of Computer Application MCM, Master of Computer Management Diploma , Polytechnic Others,

Basic Programming

C / C++ ,


Software Testing,

Hardware & Networking

CCNA, MCSE, Hardware, Networking

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