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Atlanta Computer Institute Nagpur conducts Tuition Classes for BCCA First Year ( Part 1 ) ,BCCA Second Year ( Part 2 ) and BCCA Final Year ( Part 3 ) for all universities in India . The Following syllabus is of Nagpur University. Final Year Projects Training is also given to . BCCA Students.


Unit –I : E-Commerce: Introduction, Definition, Benefits of E-Commerce, Impact of E-Commerce on business models, Traditional Commerce Vs E-Commerce, Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Commerce, Electronic Commerce and the Trade Cycle.
Electronic Market : Usage, Advantages and Disadvantages and its future.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) : Introduction, Benefits, Trade Cycle and Example.
Internet Commerce :Introduction, Internet Trade Cycle and example, Internet Security : Secure Transaction, Privacy issues, computer crimes and its type, Security Issues : Security threats like damage to data, loss of data and unauthorized use of data, Security Procedure : Firewall, Encryption, Password, Access Control List, Digital Certificate.

Unit –II : Creating Static Web Pages with HTML: Introduction, Designing web site, Advantages and Disadvantages of HTML, Flow of Web Information, Role of Web Browser and Web Server, Process of Web Publishing,
Creating a Simple Static Web Page : About HTML, Basic elements : <html>, <head>, <title>, <p>, <br>, <h1> to <h6>, <ol>, <ul>, <li>, <dl>, <pre>, <marquee>, <hr>, Physical and Logical tags Path : Relative and Absolute path, Comments, Special Characters, Text Formatting tags, <center>
Adding Links, Images, Background and Table : Hyperlinks <a href …>, Cerating links to web pages and URLs, Creating links within the same page, various types of URLs that can be used in links, Image tag and their related attributes, Inline images, Links to (external) images, Using Inline images, Using images as hyperlinks, Popular images formats for internet and HTML.
Tables :Basic tabletags and their related attributes.

Unit –III : Frames and Embedding Multimedia: Frames, Image Map and Web Font Creator : Frames and their creation, the <Frame> and <Frameset> tags, Fram linking, Floating or Inline Frames, Image Maps <map> and <area> tags, Client – Side and Server – Side image maps.
Form designs, Form Controls, Text controls, password fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, reset and submit buttons, form control selection, option processing and textarea.
Embedding Multimedia : Introduction, Embedding Multimedia, Inserting sound/audio formats, video file formats.

Unit –IV : Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and XML: CSS : Defining style sheets, features, adding style to document, Linking to a single sheet, Embedding style sheet, Using inline style, Style sheet properties, Font properties, Color and Backgournd properties, Text properties, Box properties.
XML : Introduction, XML and SGML, Design goals of XML, Application of XML: Document Application, Data Application, XML Software : Browsers, Editors, Parsers, Processor, XML tags, Structure of XML documents, XML element tags, Element markup, Attribute markup, HTML document, adding scripts, Data types in XML , XML Namespaces : Qualified name and Unqualified names, Namespace scope, default name space, working with text and font : Font, Font Size, font style, text alignment, text indent, line height, color and Background Properties : Foreground color, Background color, Border color, Background image, Working with DTD : Introduction, HTML and DTD, Benefits of the DTD, Structure of DTD, Declarations of variable in DTD : Element name, Occurrence indicators, Connectors.

1. Electronic Commerce : Greenstein and Feinman (TMH)
2. E-Commerce : Bhushan Dean – S. Chand
3. Web Publishing : MonicD’souza and J D’souza
4. Complete HTML : BPB
5. XML : Xavier (TMH)

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 BCCA Part 2 E-Commerce and Web Designing Syllabus

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BCCA Part 2 Syllabus

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