BCCA -B.Com Computer Application Part 2

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Atlanta Computer Institute Nagpur conducts Tuition Classes for BCCA First Year ( Part 1 ) ,BCCA Second Year ( Part 2 ) and BCCA Final Year ( Part 3 ) for all universities in India . The Following syllabus is of Nagpur University. Final Year Projects Training is also given to . BCCA Students.

Paper 4: Programming Skills (‘C’ Programming)

Unit –I: Programming Logic:Problem Analysis, Process Analysis, Conceptual Development of solution. Development Tools : Algorithm & Flowchart Translator : Interpreter, Compiler Introduction to C : History of C Language, C Character Set, Data Types, Constant & Variables, Type Casting, Type Modification, Operators in C, Input/Output Function in C.

Unit –II: Control Statement :If, If…Else, While, Do….While, for, goto, switch…case, break, continue, exit statement. Arrays : Array Definition, One dimensional array, two dimensional array, searching, sorting, inserting, deletion, process in arrays, Addition & Multiplication of two dimensional array, Storage Class : Automatic,Register, Static, External Storage Class.

Unit –III: String Handling:String library function. Structure and Union : Introduction to structure and union, Declaration, initializing structure, accessing structure elements, array of structure.
Function :Library functions, user defined functions, function prototype, types of user defined function, function with arrays, function with structure.

Unit –IV: Pointers:Introduction to pointers, Arithmetic operations on pointer variables. Pointer with array.Pointer with structure, Function call value and call by reference.
File Processing : Introduction, stream and files, opening and closing files, file opening modes, text mode, binary mode, more on file handling functions.

1. Introduction Tech. Concepts by Dr. Madhulika Jain, Shashank&Satish Jain (BPB)
2. Programming in ANSI C – By E. Balaguruswami
3. C in Depth – by S.K. Shrivastava (BPB)
4. Let us C – By Y Kanetkar (BPB)

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BCCA Part 2 C Programming Syllabus

BCCA Part 2 Syllabus

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