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Atlanta Computer Institute Nagpur conducts Tuition Classes for MCM Part 1 First semester MCM Part 1 second semester MCM Part 2 third semester and MCM Part 2 fourth semester for all universities in India . The Following syllabus is of Nagpur University. Final Year Projects Training is also given to MCM Students.

Paper-IV :

Computerized Accounting ( Tally ERP 9 )

Accounting Basics - Defining the need for accounting, Defining accounting, Exploring the branches of accounting, Describing the functions of accounting, Listing the advantages of accounting, Listing the limitations of accounting, Explaining important terms in accounting, Exploring the concepts of accounting, Understanding the conversions of accounting, Describing an account and its types, Explaining the rules of debit and credit, Describing a journal, Describing a ledger, Describing trial balance, Describing a financial entries, Understanding adjustment entries. Introduction to Tally.ERP 9 - Features of Tally, Enhancement in Tally.ERP 9,Installation procedure of Tally.ERP 9, Opening Tally.ERP 9, Components of theTally.ERP 9 window, Creating a Company.

Stock and Godown in Tally.ERP 9 - Stock groups, Stock categories, Stock items, Units of measure, Godowns. Group, Ledgers, Vouchers and Orders - Introducing groups, Introducing ledgers, Introducing vouchers, Introducing purchase orders, Introducing a sales order, Introducing invoices.

Reports in Tally.ERP 9 - Working with balance sheet, Working with profit & loss A/c report, Working with stock summary report, Understanding ratio analysis, Working with trial balance report, Working with day book report. Payroll - Exploring payroll in Tally.ERP 9, Required features to create a pay slip, Description of payroll info, Working with payroll vouchers, Defining payroll reports, working with statements of payroll report, Describing salary discursement.

Taxation - Indian Tax Structure, Tax deducted at source in tally.ERP 9, Create a Tax Ledger, TDS Vouchers, Printing a TDS Challan, Tax collected at source in Tally.ERP 9, TCS reports in Tally.ERP 9, Calculating VAT in Tally.ERP 9, VAT Classification, VAT Vouchers, VAT Reports in Tally.ERP 9, Service Tax.

Text Book:
1. Vikas Gupta, Business Accounting with MS Excel and Tally.ERP 9 Course Kit, Dreamtech Press.

Reference Books:
1. Computerized Accounting using Tally ERP 9, Sahaj Enterprise, Tally Education Private Ltd (TEPL).
2. Vishnu Priya Singh, Tally 9.
3. K. K. Nadhani, Accounting with Tally, BPB Publication.
4. K. K. Nadhani and A.K. Nadhani, Tally Tutorial, BPB Publication.
5. Anthony R. N. and J. S. Richard, Accounting Principles, Irwin Inc.

MCM Syllabus RTMNU
Practical List of Computerized Accounting (TALLY ERP 9)

1. Create a company in Tally ERP 9 with the following details:

Name of company Universal Company Ltd.
Address 1804, world Tower, AB road, Baner, Pune
Country India
State Maharashtra
Contact number 7894561230
Mobile number 7741258963
Books beginning from 01-04-2015
Financial year Beginning from 01-04-2015
2. Create a company in Tally ERP 9 with the following details:

Name of company Sambhav trading Company
Address a/512, palm court, girgaam chaupaty, charni
road, Mumbai-400007
Country India
State Maharashtra
Contact number 022-22886512
Mobile number 9898745555
Books beginning from 01-04-2014
Financial year Beginning from 01-04-2014
3. Create the following ledgers in the books of universal company ltd in Tally ERP 9.

Name of ledger Under (group) Bill wise details
set to Opening balance
Share capital Capital account No 15,00,000
Purchase account Purchase account No Nil
Sales accounts Sales accounts No Nil
Ultra tech cement ltd Sundry creditors yes 270000
Building Fixed assets No 1200000
Computers Fixed assets No 50000
Office furniture Fixed assets No 175000
Cash in hand Cash accounts No 20000
Civic centre
association Sundry debtors yes 290000
Bank of india Bank accounts No 80000
Petty cash Cash in hand No 50000

MCM Syllabus RTMNU Page 19 of 72
4. Create the following ledgers in the books of universal company ltd in Tally ERP 9.

Name of ledger Under (group) Bill wise details
set to Opening balance
Proprietors Capital Capital Account No 10,00,000
Purchase Account Purchase
Account No Nil
Sales Accounts Sales Accounts No Nil
Hindustan Lever Ltd Sundry creditors yes 355000
Land and Building Fixed Assets No 850000
Computers and
Peripheral Fixed Assets No 30000
Office Furniture Fixed Assets No 75000
Cash in hand Cash Accounts No 18000
Tahuraa Traders Pvt
Ltd Sundry Debtors yes 310000
Bank of Baroda Bank Accounts No 102000
5. Record the following vouchers in the books of Universal company ltd.
a. 04-04-2014 withdrawn Rs. 20000 from bank of india and transferred to petty cash
b. 08-04-2014 paid 2000 from petty cash for buying stationery for office.
c. 15-04-2014 made purchase from ultra tech cement ltd. Worth Rs. 45000
d. 19-04-2014 issued cheque to ultra tech cement ltd for Rs. 45000
e. 21-04-2014 sold goods worth of Rs. 75000 to civic centre association
f. 25-04-2014 received a cheque from civic center association for Rs. 75000. The
same was deposited in the bank on the same date.
g. 30-04-2014 paid staff salary of Rs. 9800 from petty cash

6. Record the following vouchers in the books of Sambhav Trading Co. Pvt. ltd.
a. 02-04-2014 withdrawn RS. 10000 From bank of baroda and transeferred to
petty cash book.
b. 05-04-2014 paid 1000 from petty cash for office expences.
c. 11-04-2014 made purchase from Hindustan unilever ltd. Worth Rs. 33000
d. 13-04-2014 Issued cheque to Hindustan Unilever Ltd. For Rs. 20000
e. 14-04-2014 Made purchase from Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Worth Rs. 26000
f. 18-04-2014 Issued cheque of Rs. 38000 to Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
g. 21-04-2014 sold goods worth of Rs. 90000 to Tahuraa Traders Pvt Ltd.
h. 22-04-2014 received a cheque from Tahuraa Traders Pvt Ltd. For Rs. 75000 .
The same was deposited in the bank on the same date.
i. 23-04-2014 sold goods worth of rs. 85000 to Tahuraa Traders Pvt Ltd.
j. 25-04-2014 received cheque from Tahuraa Traders Pvt Ltd. From Rs.75000.
The same was deposited in the bank on the same date.
k. 30-04-2014 Paid staff salary of Rs. 7200 from petty cash.
MCM Syllabus RTMNU
7. Create cost centers Project A and Project B under primary cost category and
record the following transaction in the books of sambhav trading company
a. On 07-09-2014, purchased Cement worth Rs. 1, 50,000/- from Ultratech
cement Ltd. That will be shared equally between Project A and Project B . A
credit period of 30 days was provided.
b. Record transaction on 09-09-2014 for the purchase of Steel worth Rs. 450000
from Embee Enterprises. Allocate Rs. 50000 to Project A and the the rest to
Project B . a credit period of 45 days was allowed .

8. Create cost centers Mumbai and Pune under primary cost category and record the following transaction in the books of Universal co. Limited
a. On 05-10-2014, purchases done worth Rs. 2, 50,000/- from Hindustan Unilever Ltd. That will be shared equally between Mumbai and Pune.
b. Record transaction on 09-10-2014 for the purchase worth Rs. 600000 from Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Allocate Rs. 250000 to Mumbai and the rest to Pune.
. a credit period of 45 days was allowed.
c. On 18-10-2014 record a transaction for the sale on Super technologies for
Rs. 1575000/- of which 1200000 would be allocated to Mumbai branch and the rest to Pune.
d. On 22-10-2014 one more sales entry was made for 1600000 to Super technologies of which 10,00,000 was allocated to pune branch and the rest to Mumbai.

9. Record the following transaction in the books of Universal Co. Ltd.
a. On May 11, 2014 they received a bill no. May /005/2014 for a sum of Rs. 125000/- from M/s. Rajesh shah and Co., architects for consultancy towards designing their office and training centre.
b. Universal company Ltd. Made the payment after deducting the TDS amount.
c. On 27th May 2014, company received bills no May/015/2014 for a sum of Rs.
75000 from M/s Rajesh shah and co., architects for consultancy.
d. On 28th May, company made the payment after deducting TDS.

10. Journalize the following Transaction in the books of Mr. Anil for the month of
March 2012 and prepare Trial balance
March 2010 Particular Amt
1 Start business with cash 80000
3 Purchase goods for cash 5000
4 Purchase goods from Akash 9000
6 Sold goods to Vikas 7000
7 Return goods to Akash 700
9 Goods return by Vikash 400
11 Cash paid to Raman 4000
17 Withdrew from Bank 10000
20 Wage paid 1000

11. Akhilesh started his business on 1st Jan. 2012 with Rs.5000, his transactionfor the month were as following, prepare Cash A/C.January 2012 Particular Amt
1 Bought goods on credit from Sachine & Sons 5000
MCM Syllabus RTMNU
5 Paid salary 500
10 Sold to Roy 2000
15 Cash sales 2200
19 Cash Purchase 3000
25 Deposit in Bank 1000
27 Goods returned to Sachine & Sons 500
31 Cash Withdrawn by Akhilesh for personal use 500
12. Journalize the following transactions in the books of Sudhir Kumar 2003 and
prepare a Trial Balance :
Jan 2003 Particular Amt
1 Sudhir Commenced business with cash 40000
3 Purchased goods for cash 500
5 Sold goods for cash 300
6 Purchased one Motor Car for cash 15000
9 Sold Machinery for cash 9000
11 Purchased a Building on credit from Narendra 20000
15 Sold Furniture on credit to Randhir Kappor 9500
17 Paid Cartage 110
22 Received Commission 50
27 Cash Sales 1200
29 Cash Purchase 600
30 Received on account from Ahmed 350
31 Paid cash to Sunitkumar on account 190
13. Journalize the following transactions in the books of Royal & Co. and prepare a
Trial Balance :
Nov. 2003 Particular Amt
1 Cash invested in Business 150000
2 Cash deposited In to SBI Current A/C 30000
3 Goods Purchased in cash 20000
4 Goods Sold in cash 12000
5 Commission received Rs. 500 from Sushma Traders
6 Goods Sold on credit to Roshan 25000
7 Goods return from Roshan 5000
8 Depreciation charged on Machine @ 12% for four month
Machine Cost 45000
10 Cheque received from Roshan 10000
11 Salary Paid 1500
14. Journalize the following transaction in the books of Sanjay Potdar for the
month of March 2012.
1. Ashok starts business with Rs. 100000/-
2. Purchase machinery for Rs. 50000/ and furniture for Rs. 10000
3. Paid amount for rent Rs. 1000/
4. Deposits Rs,. 10000/- in Bank
5. Purchase of goods for Rs. 20000/ from Mr. Ram on credit.
6. Sold goods to Mr. Rakesh for Rs. 10000/
7. Rs. 5000/ withdraws from bank for personal use.
8. Withdraws Rs. 1000/ for office use.
9. Received cash from Mr. Rakesh.
10. Paid to Mr. Ram.

MCM Syllabus RTMNU
15. Record the following transaction in the books of Raj enterprises.
1. Goods purchase from ―Kirti sales‖ on credit Bill no. 115 Rs. 62000
a. Color tv (lg) 4% 3qty Rs. 30000
b. Washing machine (samsung) 4% 4 qty Rs. 32000
2. Cash received from sangam enterprizes Rs. 15000
3. Goods purchase in cash bill no. 69 Rs. 35000
a. B/W tv (sony) 4% 4 qty Rs. 20000
b. Audio (onida) 4% 5 qty Rs. 15000 4. Goods sale on cash rs, 19000
a. Color tv (lg) 4% 1 qty Rs. 15500
b. Audeo (onida) 4% 1 qty Rs. 3500
5. Goods purchase in cash from vikram enterprises bill no. 45 Rs. 40000
a. Color tv (lg) 4% 2 qty Rs. 20000
b. Refregerator (vedeocon) 4% 2qty Rs. 20000
6. Cheaque no. received from ravi agency Rs. 10000 and deposited in state bank.
7. Credit sale to vijay enterprises bill no. 93 Rs.17200
a. Washing machine (samsung) 4% 1qty Rs. 8000
b. B/W tv (sony) 4% 1 Qty Rs. 5700
c. Audio (onida) 4% 1 qty Rs. 3500
8. Cash paid to ravi kulkarni rs. 1500
9. Cheque no. 159 paid to central engineering co. Rs 15000
10. Refregerator purchase on cash Rs. 30000 fom k k agency 3 qty (videocon) 4%
11. Office rent paid in cash Rs. 1700
12. Received cheque from vijay enterprises Rs. 10000 & deposited in canara bank.
13. Bill received from lokmat Rs. 1500 bill no.5
14. Amount received from vaishali agency in cash rs. 5000 & cheque no. 336791 Rs.
10000 only. Cheque deposited in state bank.
15. Cash sale to telco ltd. Rs. 29900
a. Color tv (Lg) 4% 1 qty Rs. 10000
b. Washing machine (samsung) 4% 1 qty Rs. 9100
c. Refregerator (vedeocon) 4% 1qty Rs. 10800
16. Cheque deposited in canara bank Rs.5000
17. Cash withdrawn from bank Rs. 34000

16. Record the following transaction in the books of Maharashtra Traders.
1. Opening stock for Wadi Godown
a. Akai color Tv 4% 10 qty Rs.10500 each.
b. Refregerator (videocon) 7qty 12000 each.
c. Washing machine (samsung) 5 qty 8000 each
d. Audio (Philips) 4% 2Qty 2000
e. Onida color tv 4% 5 qty 12000 each
f. B/W tv (akai) 4% 5 qty 18000

2. Opening stock for nandanwan godown
a. Akai color tv 2 qty 10500 each
b. refrigerator (videocon) 3qty 12000 each
c. Audio (Philips) 3 qty 1000 each.

MCM Syllabus RTMNU
3. Cash sale to Bhagwandas Co. Rs. 41500 in wadi godown.
a. Color tv (akai) 4% 2 qty Rs.21000.
b. Refrigerator (Vedeocon) 4% 1qty Rs. 11300
c. Washing Machine (samsung) 4% 1 qty Rs. 9200.
4. Goods purchase in cash from national Trading co. & store Nandanwan godown.
a. Audio (Philips) 2qty 4% Rs.6000
b. W/M (Samsung) 1qty 4% Rs. 10000
5. Credit sales to Ravina traders Rs. 51800 wadi godown.
a. Refrigerator (vedeocon) 2qty 4% Rs. 22000.
b. W/M (Samsung) 1qty 4% Rs.8300
c. Color tv (akai) 2qty 4% 21500
6. Cheque received from vikas enterprises Rs. 20000 & deposited in state bank. 7. Cash withdrawn from state bank cheque no. 16 Rs. 15000/-
8. Received loan from state bank Rs. 10,00,000/- invensted in business, interest
9. Cheque paid to kirti sales rs. 25000/-
10. Goods purchase on credit from rama & sons Rs. 44000 store nandanwan.
a. W/M (Lg) 3 qty 4% Rs. 24000
b. Refrigerator (videocon) 1qty 4% Rs. 10000.
c. Color tv (onida) 1qty 45 Rs. 10000
11. Akai color TV purchase in cash Rs. 20000 2qty 4% Rao store in nandanwan.
12. Paid salary Rs. 10000
13. Paid bank loan Rs. 8,00,000
14. Cash sale on wadi godown Rs 42000\
a. Audio 2 qty 4% Rs.7000
b. w/m (s.s.) 2qty 4% Rs. 17000
c. b/w tv (akai) 3qty 4% Rs. 18000
15. Paid to rama & sons by cheque rs. 18000 chq. No. 1152.
16. Paid electric bill Rs. 10000
17. Total cash sale after allowing discount Rs. 1000.
18. Paid total balance loan on state bank.
19. Advertisement exp. Rs.10000
20. Carriage exp. Rs. 5000
21. Purchase furniture for nandanwan godown Rs.28000 in cash.
22. Withdrawn for personal use Rs, 10000.

17. Record the following transaction in the books of Rathore Traders.
1. Goods purchase from sohan & sons Rs. 20000/-
a. Gold 10gm (12.5%) rs. 10000/-
b. Silver 1kg (12.5%) Rs.10000/-
2. Goods purchase from sagar computer Rs. 25000/-
a. Monitor (compaq) 1qty 5000/- 4%
b. Cpu (intel) 1qty 15000/- 4%
c. Speaker (Logitex) 1qty 5000/- each
3. Goods sold on cash Rs. 22000/-
a. Gold (12.5%) 10gm 12000/-
b. Silver(12.5%) 1kg 10000/-

MCM Syllabus RTMNU Page
4. Withdrawn 400/- Rs. From canara bank.
5. Cash given to sagar computers Rs. 24000/- in full settlement.
6. Cheque given to mr. sohan & sons. Rs 20000.
7. Salary given to mr. sahil Rs. 2000/-
8. Withdrawn Rs. 4000/-
9. Paid insurance premium Rs. 200/-
10. Purchase table without vat Rs.2000/-

New MCM Syllabus Semester Pattern From 2016 - 17

MCM Semester 1


1. Fundamental of Information Technology

2. Programming in C & OOPs Concept

3. Introduction to Operating Systems

4. Computerized Accounting ( Tally ERP 9 )


1. Practical-I : Programming in C & Operating Systems

2. Practical-II : Tally ( ERP 9 ) & MS-Office

MCM Semester 2


1. Management Information Systems

2. Core Java

3. Quantitative Techniques & Operation Research

4. E-Commerce and Web Designing


1. Practical-I : Core Java

2. Practical-II : HTML, JavaScript


MCM Semester 3

(A) Theory

1. Advanced Database Management System

2. Principles & Techniques of Management

3. Electives

( i ) PHP & My-SQL

( ii ) VB.Net

( iii ) C#.Net

4. Research Methodology

(B) Practical

1. Practical-I : SQL & PL/SQL

2. Practical-II : Electives

MCM Semester 4

(A) Theory

1. ASP.Net

2. Electives : (i) Advanced Java

(ii) Android Programming

(iii) Python

3. Electives : ( i ) Big Data & Hadoop

( ii ) Software Engineering

( iii )Strategic Management

(B) Practical

1. Practical-I : ASP.Net

2. Practical-II : Electives

(C) Project


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