MCM -Master of Computer Management Part 1 Operating System

University Syllabus Course MCM Part 1 Operating System

Atlanta Computer Institute Nagpur Conducts MCM Tuition Classes for MCM Part 1 ( First Year ) and MCM Part 2 ( Second Year ). Projects are also provided with guidance.

MCM  Part 1



·        What is operating system, types of opening systems.  Simple Batch systems multiprogramming, time sharing systems personal computer systems, Parallel systems, distributed systems real – Time system Multiprocessing, online & Offline processing.



·        Introduction to Disk Operating system(DOS)

·        File types, Directory Structure

·        Booting From(Floppy and Hard Disk), Warm and cold Booting

·        Types of Dos commands (Internal and external)

·        Introduction of Autoexe and config files.

·        Didrectory commands: DIR, MD, RD, TREE, PATH, SUBST ETC.

·        Wild card definitions

·        Commands related to file management: COPY, DEL, ERASE, REN, ATTRIB, XCOPY, BACKUP AND RESTORE.

·        General commands: TYPE DATE, TIME PROMT etc.



·        Introduction to Unix overview, file systems and structure of directories and file

·        File oriented commands – Cat op, In Mv, rm, etc.

·        File permissions

·        Directory oriented commands – is mkdir, rmdir, cd, pwd etc.

·        Inter user connection commands – write, mail, used, at, wall etc,

·        Common commands – skill, date, wo, sleep, who ps.

·        Unix utility commands – grep, pr, cut, paste, sort, lp shutdown, halt, sys, tar, find etc.



Basics of shell scripts

·        Writing shell scripts, running scripts, using variables, controlling the flow of statement

·        Introduction of linux.




·        Introduction to windows95/98 and advantages of windows;

·        Using different windows si8multaneously, moving through windows

·        Maximizing, minimizing and closing of windows.

·        Use of Help features

·        Starting and application

·        Essential accessories

·        Windows Explorer

·        Finding folder and files

·        Changing system settings

·        Use of run command

·        Abort my computer

·        Setting of printers, mouse etc.

·        Windows 98 & new features




MCM Part 1 ( First Year )


Paper - 1  Information Technology

Paper - 2  Introduction to Commercial Practice

Paper - 3 Introduction to Operating Systems

Paper - 4 Computer Programming in C

Paper  - 5  Management Information System Analysis and Design




 MCM Part 2 ( Second Year )



BCA Bachelor Of Computer Application, BCCA, Bachelor of Commerce & Computer Application BE IT/CS, Information technology/Computer Science MCA, Master of Computer Application MCM, Master of Computer Management Diploma , Polytechnic Others,

Basic Programming

C / C++ ,


Software Testing,

Hardware & Networking

CCNA, MCSE, Hardware, Networking

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