MCM Master of Computer Management 4th Sem

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Semester 4 


Project :   Towards the end of the second year of study, a student will be examined in the course ―Project Work‖. 
    a. Project Work may be done individually or in groups (Maximum 3 students) in case of bigger projects. However if project is done in groups, each student must be given a responsibility for a distinct module and care should be taken to monitor the progress of individual student. 
    b. The Project Work should be done using the tools covered in Master of Computer Management. 
    c. The Project Work should be of such a nature that it could prove useful or be relevant from the commercial / management angle.  
    d. The project work will carry 100 marks.  
    e. Project Work can be carried out in the Institute or outside with prior permission of the Institute. 
    f. The external viva-voce examination for Project Work would be held as per the Examination Time Table of the second year of study, by a panel of one external and one Internal examiner. 

Types of Project  
As majority of the students are expected to work out a project in some industry/research and development laboratories/educational institutions/software export companies, it is suggested that the project is to be chosen which should have some direct relevance in day-today activities of the candidates in his/her institution. The Applications Areas of project - Financial/Marketing/Database Management System/ Relational Database Management System/E-Commerce /Internet/ Manufacturing/ web Designing etc. 
Project Proposal (Synopsis)  
The project proposal should be prepared in consultation with the guide. The project guide must be a person having minimum Qualification MCM/M.Sc. (Computers)/ M.Sc. (Maths/Electronics/Statistics/Physics + Post B.Sc. Dip. In Comp. Sc. & Appl.)/MCA. The project proposal should clearly state the objectives and environment of the proposed project to be undertaken. It should have full details in the following form: 
    1. Title of the project 
    2. Objectives of the Project 
    3. Project Category (DBMS/RDBMS/OOPS/Web Designing/Internet etc.) 
    4. Tools/Platform, Languages to be used 
    5. A complete Structure of the program: 
    i. Analysis. 
    ii. Numbers of Modules. 
    iii. Data Structures or Tables 
    iv. Process Logic. 
    v. Types of Report Generation. 
    6. Scope of future Application. 

Project Report Formulation. 
    1. Title Page. 
    2. Certificate Page. 
    3. Declaration Page. 
    4. Acknowledgment Page. 
    5. Index or Content Page. 
    6. Documentation. 
    i. Introduction/Objectives. 
    ii. Preliminary System Analysis. 

    • Identification of Need. 
    • Preliminary Investigation.  
    • Feasibility Study. 
    • Need Of New System. 
    • Flaws in Present System. 
    iii. Project Category. 
    iv. Software Requirement Specification. 
    v. Detailed System Analysis. 
    • Data Flow Diagram. 
    • Numbers of Modules and Process Logic. 
    • Data Structures and Tables. 
    • Entity-Relationship Diagram. 
    vi. System Design. 
    • Source Code. 
    • Input screen & Output Screen. 

 vii Validation Checks.  viii Implementation, Evaluation and Maintenance.  ix Security Measures taken.  x Future Scope of the project.   xi Bibliography.  

New MCM Syllabus Semester Pattern From 2016 - 17

MCM Semester 1


1. Fundamental of Information Technology

2. Programming in C & OOPs Concept

3. Introduction to Operating Systems

4. Computerized Accounting ( Tally ERP 9 )


1. Practical-I : Programming in C & Operating Systems

2. Practical-II : Tally ( ERP 9 ) & MS-Office

MCM Semester 2


1. Management Information Systems

2. Core Java

3. Quantitative Techniques & Operation Research

4. E-Commerce and Web Designing


1. Practical-I : Core Java

2. Practical-II : HTML, JavaScript


MCM Semester 3

(A) Theory

1. Advanced Database Management System

2. Principles & Techniques of Management

3. Electives

( i ) PHP & My-SQL

( ii ) VB.Net

( iii ) C#.Net

4. Research Methodology

(B) Practical

1. Practical-I : SQL & PL/SQL

2. Practical-II : Electives

MCM Semester 4

(A) Theory

1. ASP.Net

2. Electives : (i) Advanced Java

(ii) Android Programming

(iii) Python

3. Electives : ( i ) Big Data & Hadoop

( ii ) Software Engineering

( iii )Strategic Management

(B) Practical

1. Practical-I : ASP.Net

2. Practical-II : Electives

(C) Project


Master of Computer Management (MCM)


Total Marks : 80

N.B.) a) Any Five questions should be attempted out of Eight questions.

b) All Questions carry equal marks. (Sixteen marks each)

Q. 1 : Unit – I

Q. 2 : Unit – I

Q. 3 : Unit – II

Q. 4 : Unit – II

Q. 5 : Unit – III

Q. 6 : Unit – III

Q. 7 : Unit – IV

Q. 8 : Unit – IV

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