MCA -Master of Computer Applications First Semester

University Syllabus and Classes of MCA First Semester - System Analysis and Design

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System   Concept-System Concept  , Elements Of The  System, Types  Of System. The System   Development  Life Cycle- Introduction , Consideration  For  Candidate  Systems, Prototyping.  The Role  Of The System  Analyst – Introduction , Multi Faceted  Role  Of The Analyst, The  Analyst/ User  Interface, Rising  Position    In   System   Development .



System Planning   &  The    Initial   Investigation-  Introduction , Base   For  Planning In   System  Analysis, Initial   Investigation.

Information  Gathering-Introduction , Information Gathering  Tools. The  Tools Of Structured  Analysis  - Introduction    , The   Tools      Of  Structured   Analysis, Pros  & Cons  Of Each Tool.

Feasibility   Study- Introduction, System     Performance    Definition, Feasibility  Study.



Cost   Benefit   Analysis -     Introduction, Data Analysis, Cost Benefit Analysis, Procedure   For  Cost Benefit   Determination.

System   Design –Introduction, The  Process   Of Design , Design     Methodology, Major  Development Activities , Audit  Considerations

I/P And O/P  And Form  Design- Introduction, I/P Design , O/P Design, Form  Design.



File   Organization   & Data Base    Design- Introduction  , File Structure , File  Organization , Database      Design, Data structure , Normalization  And The  Role  Of  Database   Administrator.

System  Implementation  &  Software Maintenance-  Introduction, Conversion , Post  Implementation  Review, Software   Maintenance.



Hardware/ Software     Selection   &    The    Computer     Contract-

Introduction  , The  Computer Industry,  A Procedure   For  Hardware/ Software  Selection, Financial   Considerations  In  Selection, The   Computer  Contracts.

 Project  Scheduling  &   Software -  Introduction, Project   Management

  Security , Disaster/ Recovery- Introduction , System  Security, Disaster/ Recovery   Planning, Ethics  In  System   Development.






BCA Bachelor Of Computer Application, BCCA, Bachelor of Commerce & Computer Application BE IT/CS, Information technology/Computer Science MCA, Master of Computer Application MCM, Master of Computer Management Diploma , Polytechnic Others,

Basic Programming

C / C++ ,


Software Testing,

Hardware & Networking

CCNA, MCSE, Hardware, Networking

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