MCA -Master of Computer Applications First Semester - Operating System

University Syllabus and Classes of MCA First Semester Operating System

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UNIT-1:    Introduction:

  Operatin G  System  As An  Extended  Machine, Operating   System  As An  Resource  Manager, History Of  Operating  System  As An Resource  Manager, History  Of Operating  System &  Its Generations, Mainframe  Operating   System, Server   Operating   System, Multiprocessor   Operating    System, Personal Computer  Operating   System, Real Time Operating   System, Embedded  Operating  System, Smart  Card  Operating  System, Processor, Memory  ,  I/O Devices, Buses  , Processes, Dead Locks, Memory  Management, I/P And O/P  Files, Security, The Shell, Systems  Calls, Operating  System  Structure.

 UNIT-2:   PROCESSESS & Threads

Process Model, Process   Creation, Process Termination, Process  Hierarchies, Process    State , Implementation Of  Processes, Thread  Model, Thread  Usage, Implementing Thread In User  Space & Kernel, Hybrid  Implementation, Scheduler  Activation, Pop-Up  Threads, Inter Process   Communication , Scheduling.

UNIT-3 :   File  System Concepts In  Operating  System

 File Naming , File  Structure, File Types, File Access, File Attributes, File Operations ,Memory  Mapped Files, Single Level  Directory  System, Two Level  Directory   System, Hierarchical Directory   System, Path Name, Directory   Operations, File System      Layouts, Implementing       Files, Implementing   Directorials,  Shared Files, Cd-Rom  File   System, Ms-Dos  File System, Window 98 File System, Unix File System.

UNIT-4 :    Unix  Operating    System

History  Of Unix  File  System: Pdp-11 Unix, Portable   Unix ,Berkeley Unix, Standard  Unix, Linux, Overview Of Unix : Unix    Goals, Interface  To  Unix. The Unix  Shell, Unix   Utility  Program,  Kernal Structure.

Processes   In Unix:  Processes  Management  System  Calls, Implementation Of Processes  In Unix ,Booting  Unix  , Memory Management In Unix, I/P & O/P In Unix, The Unix  File  System, Security in Unix.

Unit- 5 :                  Window S    2000   Operating  System

History   Of    Windows 2000,Programming   Windows  2000, System Structure,  Processes   And  Threads  In Windows  2000, Memory  Management  In Windows 20000, I/P O/P In Window 2000.. The  Window  2000  File  System, Security In Windows 2000.

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