MCA -Master of Computer Applications First Semester

University Syllabus and Classes of MCA First Semester - Digital Electronics and Microprocessor

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UNIT-1:  Number System And Data Representation

Number  System:   Binary , Octal , Decimal  And Hexadecimal Number System  And Their Interconversion.  Binary  Codes: Bcd, Excess 3,Parity , Gray, Ascii And Ebcdic Codes , Their Advantages And Disadvantages.  Data Representation: (  Related To 8 Bit  Number), Real Number Representation, Underflow, Overflow, Range And Accuracy Of Numbers.

UNIT-2:  Binary  Arithmetic

Binary  Addition, Decimal  Subtraction  Using  9’s And 10’s Complement, Binary  Subtraction  Using 1’s And 2’nd  Compliment, Multiplication   And  Division .

Logic    Gates:  Truth Table, Properties  And Symbolic Representation  Of NOT, AND ,OR,NOR,NAND ,EX-OR,EX – NOR  GATES, NOR and NAND  GATES  As A Universal  Gates.

UNIT-3  Boolean  Algebra

 Laws  And  Identities  Of Boolean  Algebra, Demorgan’s  Theorem, Use  Of  Boolean   Algebra  For  Simplification  Of Logic  Expression, Karnaugh  Map For  2,3,4  Variable, Simplification   Of  Sop  And   Pos   Logic   Expression   Using  K-Map.

UNIT-4: Combinational / Sequential  Circuits

Half  Adder , Full Adder, Parallel  Adder, Half  Substractor, Full Substractor, 4 Bit Binary  Adder/ Substractor, Multiplexer , dEmultiplexer, Decoder , Encoder ,Parity Detector.Construction   And  Working  With  Timong  Diagram Of  Bistable, Monostable   And  Astable  Multivibrator  Using  Logic Gates.

Sequential   Circuits :  Flip-Flop:   Construction  And   Working   Of  RSFF,CKRSFF, DFF,TFF,JKFF AND JKMSFF, Counters: Construction   And   Working   Of   Asynchronous , Synchronous , Up-Down  Counter, Shift  Register   And  Their   Types, Ring  Counter  And Johnson  Counter  With Their    Timing  Diagram.


UNIT-5: Architecture  Of 8086

Block Diagram   Of  8086,Pin Diagram 0f 8086, Minimum And  Maximum  Mode, Addressing  Modes , Instruction Set :  Data Transfer, Arithmetic, Logical   , String  Manipulation, Contril Transfer, Unconditional   Branch, Conditional  Branch, Flag, Processor     Control.

UNIT-6:  Assembly   Language  Programming Assembler  Directives   And Operators, Assembly Language  Programs, Machine  Level   Programs, Coding   The  Programs, Programming  With  Assembler, Masm  , Using  Debug, Alp Examples

BCA Bachelor Of Computer Application, BCCA, Bachelor of Commerce & Computer Application BE IT/CS, Information technology/Computer Science MCA, Master of Computer Application MCM, Master of Computer Management Diploma , Polytechnic Others,

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