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Atlanta Computer Institute Nagpur conducts Tuition Classes for Engineering First Semester Second Semester and Polytechnic for Engineering Graphics . Atlanta Computer Institute conducts Engineering Graphics with Autocad for BE Second Semester students as per their university and college requirements.. The Following syllabus is of Nagpur University. Final Year Projects Training is also given to Engineering Students.

First Semester BE

Engineering Graphics – I (BESI-6T)

(Total Credits: 03)

UNIT – I: (08 Hrs) 

Introduction to Engg. Drawing & Curves used in Engineering Practice  Introduction , Use of various drawing instruments, lettering,  Layout of drawing sheets, sizes of drawing sheets, different types of lines used in drawing practice, Dimensioning  – linear, angular, aligned system, unidirectional system, parallel dimensioning, chain dimensioning, location dimension and size dimension. Introduction to scales & scale factor (RF).Conic sections - Ellipse, Parabola, Hyperbola, (No Directrix – Focus Method), Cycloid, Involute & Archimedean Spiral.Basics of Orthographic Projections Basic principles of orthographic projection, reference planes, concepts of four quadrants, methods of orthographic projections  – First angle projections, Third angle projections, conventions used to represent methods of orthographic projection. Projections of Points and Lines Projections of points in all possible positions w.r.t. reference planes, projections of lines when it is perpendicular to one of the reference planes,  when line is  inclined to one & parallel  to other reference plane, lines inclined to both reference planes. (Lines in First Quadrant Only), simple problems on straight lines.

UNIT – II (08 Hrs) 

Projections of Planes Projection of planes when it is parallel to one of the reference planes, lying in reference plane, when it is  perpendicular to one & inclined to other reference plane, when it is inclined to both reference planes. Use of Auxiliary Plane method for solving the problems. Projections of Solids Projections of solids when axis is perpendicular to one of the reference planes , when axis is   inclined to one & parallel to other  reference plane, when axis is inclined to both the reference planes, projections of cube, right regular prisms, right regular pyramids, right circular cylinder, right circular cone, tetrahedron.

UNIT – III   (07 Hrs) 

Orthographic Projections  Conversion of pictorial view into orthographic views.

UNIT – IV      ( 07 Hrs) 

Isometric Projections     Definition of Isometric view/projection, Isometric scale to draw Isometric projection, Non-Isometric lines, construction of Isometric view from given orthographic views and to construct Isometric view of combined two simple solids (axes  vertical & coinciding) such as Cube, Pyramid, Prism, Cone, Cylinder & Sphere.



BE Second Semester 

 Engineering Graphics – II (BESII-6) 


Total Credits: 03

Teaching Scheme Examination Scheme

Tutorial: 1 Hour/Week Practical

Practical: 2 Hours/Week P(I) : 25 Marks P(U) : 25 Marks

Duration of University Exam : 03 Hrs

Introduction to CAD (10 Hrs)

Advantages of using Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) packages, applications of CAD, basic 

operation of drafting packages, use of various commands for drawing, dimensioning, editing, 

modifying, saving and printing/plotting the drawings. Introduction to 3D primitives.

Sections of Solids (08 Hrs)

Types of section planes, types of sectional views i. e. sectional FV , sectional TV, sectional SV, 

to project sectional views of above solids cut by different section planes (when solid is in simple 

position , when axis is parallel to one & inclined to other reference planes ), to find true shape of 


Development of Lateral Surfaces (DLS) of Solids (06 Hrs )

Applications of DLS, method of development, development of lateral surface of above solids, 

development of lateral surface of cut solids.

Interpretation of Given Views/Missing Views (06 Hrs)

Identification of lines/edges and surfaces, visualization of given orthographic views, adding a 

missing/third view.






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