Nagpur University Syllabus Course For BCA Part 1

BCA Bachelor of Computer Applications Part 1 Linear Electronics Syllabus Classes

Atlanta Computer Institute Nagpur conducts Tuition Classes for BCA First Year ( Part 1 ) , BCA Second Year ( Part 2 ) and BCA Final Year ( Part 3 ) for all universities in India . The Following syllabus is of Nagpur University. Final Year Projects Training is also given to BCA Students.

BCA Part 1 ( First Year )



Unit-1 : Network Theorems

Ohms law, kirchoffs law, thevenin’s , Norton ‘s Superposition, Maximum power transfer theorem( Statement , proof and example based on each theorem for dc sources only).

Unit-2 semoconductors

Material , classification on the the basis of band theory,intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor, PN Junction ,forward and reverse biased characteristics of PN JUNCTION,diode as half wave , full wave and bridge rectifier, zener diode and its use as voltage regulator ( load and line regulation)

Unit-3 : bipolar junction transistor

Construction and working of pnp and npn transistor, CE, CC and CB configuration,biasing of transistor( potential divider method only)load line concept for ac anddc( operating point and stability, classification of amplifier( general ideas only), switching action of transistor,construction and workin g principle of JFET and MOSFET.

Unit-4: Amplifiers

Importance of GBW PRODUCT, DC coupled amplifier( general idea only), construction and working of difference amplifier, its advantages , CMRR, Ad,Ac, Input bias current., input offset current, input and o/p impedence of difference amplifier, block diagram of OPAMP as inverting , non –invrting , adder, substractor, differentiator, integrator, comparator and Schmitt trigger

Unit-5: Oscilators

Feedback Concept, barkhausen criteria, construction and working hartely, colpitts and phase shift osciilator( derivation expected concept of frequency stability, crystal osciilator, concept of mosulation, amplitude, frequency and pulse modulation( general idea)

BCA Part 1 Syllabus of IT C++ DBMS ( Computer Science)

BCA Part 1 Syllabus Discrete Maths Stats Operation Research ( Analytic Computation )

BCA Bachelor Of Computer Application, BCCA, Bachelor of Commerce & Computer Application BE IT/CS, Information technology/Computer Science MCA, Master of Computer Application MCM, Master of Computer Management Diploma , Polytechnic Others,

Basic Programming

C / C++ ,


Software Testing,

Hardware & Networking

CCNA, MCSE, Hardware, Networking

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