BCA Bachelor of Computer Applications Part 1 Nagpur University Syllabus Course For BCA Part 1 Digital Electronics 2

Atlanta Computer Institute Nagpur conducts Tuition Classes for BCA First Year ( Part 1 ) , BCA Second Year ( Part 2 ) and BCA Final Year ( Part 3 ) for all universities in India . The Following syllabus is of Nagpur University. Final Year Projects Training is also given to BCA Students.

 BCA Part 1 ( First Year ) 




UNIT-1    Sequential   Circuits

Flip-flop :  Construction   and  working   of  RSFF, CKRSFF, DFF, TFF,JKFF  AND  JKMSFF, COUNTERS:  Construction and working of asynchronous  and synchronous , up-down  counter, shift register    and their    types, ring   counter  and  Johnson  counter  with  their  timing diagram

Unit-2:   Data Converter    and   memory

Data  converter:  binary   weighted  and  R-2 R ladder  type D/A  convertor   and  the    counter   ramp   type, successive  approximation   type, single slope   and  dual  slope  type   A/D    convertor with  their   advantages   and disadvantages.  Memory:  Classification  of   memory   ,  concept   of ROM,EPROM, Construction and working of static   and  dynamic  Ram  cell, memory organization  paralleling    of memory  chips, memory, hierarchy, cache   memory.

Unit-3   :    Introduction to  8085   Architecture

Block  diagram, pin  diagram , description    of all pins, addressing  modes, timing  and  control  unit , instruction  decoder, fetch, execute  and   machine   cycle, classification   of   instruction   set.

Unit-4   programming   8085

Flowchart, assembly   language program    for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, finding   of minimum  and  maximum   number, complement  of numbers, CALL   and RET   instructions, subroutine  stack  and its  use, push   and  POP   operation.

Unit-5:    Interfacing

Concept  of  interrupts, various  types  of interrupts(5.5,6.5,7.5  TRAP, HARDWARE),software  interrupts(RST0 TO  RST7),RIM,SIM,EI,DI instructions,  concept   of  i/p ,o/p  port,need  of   interfacing  , data  transfer  schemes, programmed   data  transfer, DMA, serial  data transfer.



BCA Part 1 Syllabus of IT C++ DBMS ( Computer Science) 

BCA Part 1 Syllabus Discrete Maths Stats Operation Research ( Analytic Computation )





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