BCA Bachelor of Computer Applications Part 1

University Syllabus Course For BCA Part 1 Operation Research

Atlanta Computer Institute Nagpur conducts Tuition Classes for BCA First Year ( Part 1 ) , BCA Second Year ( Part 2 ) and BCA Final Year ( Part 3 ) for all universities in India . The Following syllabus is of Nagpur University. Final Year Projects Training is also given to BCA Students.

 BCA Part 1 ( First Year ) 



Unit-1   :   Introduction   to Operation   Research   (OR)

Origin  and  Development  of  OR,  nature  of OR,  characteristics,  of OR, classification  of problems  in  OR, MODELS IN OR ,phases of  OR, uses  and  limitations  of OR, methodologies  in  OR, APPLICATIONS IN OR   Linear   programming  - concept   of linear   programming   model, mathematical  formulation  of the  problem, graphical  solution   methods   linear   programming   methods -  simplex  method, big Methods, dual  simplex  method,two   methods   phase .Duality   in linear  programming -  formulation of  dual  problem, application of duality

Unit-2:   Transportation  problem :     Mathematical   models for transportation  problem , types. Assignment   problem-zero  one    programming   model  for assignment   problem. Types of assignment  problem. Hungerian  method , branch  and bound  techinique  for assignment  problem . Game  Theory-terminologies  of  game  theory, Two   person  Zer0 –sum games,  the maximin-minimax principles, games   without  saddle  points –mixed stratergies , graphical solution of 2xn and xn  gamrs , dominance property.

Unit-3  Decision   Theory:    Introduction  , decision under   certainity   decision  under  risk, decision   under  uncertainity,  decision tree    Network  Scheduling   by  cpm / pert -  Introduction , basic  concept, constaints  in  network, critical  path  ethod ( CPM), PERT network , PERT   calculations.  Time –cost –Trade _off  Aspects   in Network   technique , advantages of  network ( PERT/CPM)

Unit-4 :  Inventory  control  :  Introduction,inventory  control , selective  control  techniques, types  of  inventor,economic lost size problem, problem of EOQ  with   shortage , Inventory  control techniques- uncertainity   demand, inventory     control techniques- stochastics problem, inventory  control  with   price  breaks.

Unit-5   quening  Theory:   introduction  , terminologies  of  quening   system,   characteristics  of queuing  system, characteristics  of  queuing system, poisons   process    and   exponential   distribution , classification   of  queues, definition of transient  and steady  states, poisson   queues, non-poissons queuing  System , cost  -profit  models  in  queuing control.







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