BCA Bachelor of Computer Applications Part 1

University Syllabus Course For BCA Discrete Maths

Atlanta Computer Institute Nagpur conducts Tuition Classes for BCA First Year ( Part 1 ) , BCA Second Year ( Part 2 ) and BCA Final Year ( Part 3 ) for all universities in India . The Following syllabus is of Nagpur University. Final Year Projects Training is also given to BCA Students.

BCA Part 1 ( First Year ) 



Unit-1:   Fundamental

Sets  and subsets, operation on sets, Sequences, division  in the  integers, matrices, Mathematical   structure. Logic-  proposition   and   logical operations,  Conditional  Statement, Methods   of proof,  Mathematical   induction.

Unit-2  :  mathematical   logic

Statement     and   notation, connectivities,  Normal   Forms, The   theory  of Inference  for the Statement     calculus. The  predicate   calculus, Inference   theory  of  the predicate  calculus

Unit-3   Counting

Permutation, combinations, the  pigeon hole principle, recurrence  relations   and  digraphs-product  sets and  partitions, relations and  Digraphs, paths  in relations and    digraphs, properties of relations  , equivalence  relations, computer    representation    of relations   and   Digraphs, maniu[pulatio n   of  relations, transitive   closure   and   warshall’s  algorithm.Functions- definition   and   introduction , function   for  computer  science, permutation functions,      growth  of  functions

Unit-4  :  graph  theory

 Basic concept of    graph theory, euler   paths  and  circuits,Hamiltonian  paths and  circuits. Other relation  and  structure – partaily  Ordered  sets,Lattices,Finite  Boolean  algebras, functions  of Boolean  algebras, Boolean   function   as  Bollean   polynomials. Tress -  introduction ,undirected   trees, minimal   spanning  ttrees.

Unit-5 :  Semi groups  and  groups

Binary    Operations   revisited, Semi groups, products   and  quotient s  of Semigroups,groups,product s  and   quotients   of  groups. Introduction to compatibility   Theory-Languages  , Finite   state  Machines, semigroups,Machines and  languages


BCA Bachelor Of Computer Application, BCCA, Bachelor of Commerce & Computer Application BE IT/CS, Information technology/Computer Science MCA, Master of Computer Application MCM, Master of Computer Management Diploma , Polytechnic Others,

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Hardware & Networking

CCNA, MCSE, Hardware, Networking

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