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Best Embedded Systems training Institute in Nagpur.

Embedded Systems is widely used programming in electronics parts. The Training covers Embedded Systems and teachers are experienced in this field. For Batches and Timings You can Contact Atlanta Computer Institute in Nagpur.

Module 1 : Basics Electronics

1)Introduction to Electronics:

2)Basic Electronic Circuit Components:

3) Optoelectronics:

4) Semiconductors :

5) Other Electroics components

6) Hands-on Electronics:

Module 2 : PCB Design and PCB Manufacturing

a)Drawing a Circuit Schematic

b)Use of PCB designing software

c)Making a Prototype of Your Circuit

d)The Final Circuit

e)A Note about Board Layout

f)Printing of design on paper

g)Preparing raw PCB

h)Preparing for transfer

i)Ironing and transfer



l)Finishing touches

m)Mounting of Components on PCB


o)Troubleshooting the Circuits You Build

Module 3: 8051 Microcontroller & Programming using Assembly and Embedded C

1) Getting Started:

2) 8051 Assembly language programming

3) Jump Loop and Call instruction

4) I/O port programming:

5) 8051 Addressing Modes:

6) Arithmetic and Logical instructions in 8051:

7) 8051 Embedded C Programming:

8) 8051 Timer Programming In Assembly and Embedded C:

9) 8051 Serial programming in assembly and embedded C:

10) 8051 Interrupts programming in assembly and embedded C :

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